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Welcome to Meblolight

We implement projects that require a unique setting and the most elegant solutions. Our offer includes selected furniture - also of our own production, perfectly matched lighting, wallpapers, floors, carpets, fabrics, accessories and all the elements necessary to create a beautiful and functional arrangement.


Tables, beds, sofas, sofas, chest of drawers and much more - unique collections.


Lamps, wall lamps and other in a modern style.


Unique style and patterns matching your interior.


Various types of panels, boards and floors. Check the details of the offer.


Home accessories: mirrors, carpets, door handles, textiles and much more.

Interior arrangements made by us.

See our realizations

We work with the most valued brands on the global market, which are distinguished by quality and the best design. Together, let's make your dreams of a beautiful interior come true!

Apartament in Gdansk

29 stycznia 2020

Apartament in Sopot

29 stycznia 2020

Hotel Haffner

29 stycznia 2020

Home in Reda

29 stycznia 2020

Apartament in Sopot

29 stycznia 2020

Home in Los Angeles

27 stycznia 2020